Ergo 5
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Ergo 5
Devinci designs lifestyle bikes that are incredibly plush to ride thanks to five essential building blocks found on its comfort bikes. E5, or Ergo Five, geometry has a straighter-back setup for better posture on the bike. This minimizes neck strain, giving the rider enhanced sightlines while pedaling. In addition, handlebar positioning reduces pressure on the hands and provides a low centre of gravity for improved stability. Finally, E5 designs allows riders to put their feet flat on the ground when seated, so stopping quickly and safely is never in doubt.

1. Straight posture for better lumbar support and comfort
2. Minimal neck strain and improved field of vision for a safer, more fun ride
3. Handlebar position reduces hand pressure
4. Extremely low center of gravity improves stability and overall bike handling
5. Allows you to place your feet flat on the ground while seated and stopped
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