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Devinci Monocoque Carbon Sport
Devinci fuses carbon engineering with hybrid series performance like no other. Case in point: The Helsinki Carbon, which combines carbon-driven adrenalin and sleek styling for an agile ride with big-city swagger. DMC S technology is powered by multidirectional layers of Torayca T700 SC carbon fiber superimposed in specific patterns and bolstered with a specifically formulated, high-strength epoxy resin. From NYC to Vancouver to Helsinki and beyond, Monocoque carbon hybrid frames are lightweight and strong, yet also acquiescent to an urban jungle replete with bump, weave, and dodge elements. DMC S technology means exacting frame architecture, while each bike size is born from a custom mold for optimal strength-to-weight punch.
Devinci Monocoque Carbon Frames
Devinci Monocoque Carbon (DMC) punctuates the Ultimate Ride Experience. Devinci has logged years refining, redefining, and revolutionizing DMC technology and the use of Nano Powder for bikes that are not only superlight, but are also sledgehammer strong. Today DMC drives a broad spectrum of our top-shelf line-ups, from XC standouts like the Wooky 29er to time trial and road racehorses like the Leo and Leo T2. Unleashed on the trail, road, track, or urban cosmos, DMC technology combines ultrafast characteristics with unparalleled strength-to-weight builds. The key is material selection and how they are applied. Lay-up patterns and precise fiber orientations are meticulously engineered and formed into tube and frame shapes for maximized real-world performance.
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