Devinci Carbon Super Leggera Fork
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Devinci Carbon Super Leggera Fork
Devinci Carbon Super Leggera marks the pinnacle of race-driven Devinci carbon technology. Constructed from the same high-resistance carbon as Devinci DMC R-Hr frames, this fat-free fork features a full-carbon tapered steering tube, crown, aerodynamic legs, and carbon dropouts. The result is an explosive combination of ballistic rigidity and super deft handling that leaves you feeling confident, stable, and ready to annihilate the road ahead. This exclusive carbon blend uses Grafil HR40 and Torayca T700 SC and M30 SC fibers, which are bolstered with a high-strength epoxy resin and a Nano Powder additive.
Devinci Carbon Forks
When you want to taste the best in Devinci Monocoque Carbon performance, just stick a fork in it. Devinci carbon fork technology comes in three forms, including Carbon, Carbon Leggera, and Carbon Super Leggera. What this trifecta of design achievement shares is Devinci exclusive technology marked by multidirectional layers of carbon superimposed in highly engineered patterns to harness maximum discharge out of the material. The result is two fold: It can be felt in the form of superior, lightweight handling. And it offers enhanced ride-intuition stemming from the dampening characteristics of the design. Just like its frames, Devinci carbon forks undergo intensive research, development, and testing programs, delivering guaranteed performance.
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