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Devinci Axis Technology marks the pinnacle of dual-suspension production innovation. Precision Quality Control testing results in perfect alignment—every time—that can be felt on the trail, nixing any built-in constraints stemming from the design process.
How it Works
1. All Devinci frame sizes are born from a custom mold, and are then hand-welded.

2. After welding is complete, frames undergo an intensive Heat Treatment process. Tempering and quenching brings the frame to exacting high and low temperatures, enhancing toughness and decreasing excess stress from welding. Once the Heat Treatment is nailed, and the aluminum matrix has been solidified, all frames are aligned by hand—one by one.

3. Step three in the Axis equation is Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining on all frame pivot points and bearing housings. Unlike other manufacturers that machine the pivot housing parts before welding them to the frame—hoping for minimal deformation after manufacturing—Devinci conducts final machining on the completely welded and heat-treated frame. The result is an ultra-precise pivot point for optimal suspension performance, as well as perfect alignment of the rear and front triangle. Unwanted axial loads, caused by poorly aligned pivots, are nullified. This markedly extends the suspension bearings and damper lifespan.

4. Frames undergo rigorous Quality Control testing on the marble alignment table for 100-percent dialled in geometry.

Bottom line—Axis represents Devinci’s rigorous fabrication process engineered to deliver the ultimate dual-suspension ride.
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