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Team Nativo/Devinci
Team Nativo/Devinci
Trans Andes
Team Nativo/Devinci embarks today on a stage race in Patagonia, Chile | Beginning January 24, this endurance race will be the starting point in 2011 for François-Charles Dumas and Pierre-Yves Nadeau (6th overall in the Transrockies 2010) as well as for Jacques Gagné. Armed with the all-new Devinci XC “Dexter” performance bike, team Nativo/Devinci is equipped to conquer both the mental and physical challenges they will face in competition.

This year, the six-stage event welcomes over 200 competitors from all over the world to race the 486 km course that features a 13,000 metre altitude difference. The course promises to be the ideal showcase of not only their personal performances, but also that of their new Dexter bikes. These modern day riders are already taking on mountains and volcanoes with confidence in the saddles of their trusted steeds that continue to surpass their expectations. The Dexter offers reliability, manoeuvrability, explosive accelerations, adjustable geometry, lightness and the brand new patented Split Pivot suspension system; all qualities that give riders a clear-cut advantage in endurance raids.

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