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Three posters. Three ways to ride!
Three posters. Three ways to ride!
Three posters. Three ways to ride!
Available at your local bike shop | Dying to get a glimpse of the new 2010 models from Devinici? Next time you make a pit stop at your local Devinci dealer, keep an eye out for our two-sided, freebie poster/catalogues that are sure to turn heads.

Three posters. Three ride styles.

Side one, a handy visual overview of our newest road, mountain or hybrid models that just might make this year’s wish list. After browsing through the 2010 line-up, instead of just filing away the catalogue on the shelf for future reference, turn it over to check out the stunning bike photography on the flipside. It’s two for one: technical specs on one side and bike art on the other to liven up any wall.

Last but not least, another bonus, but from a green perspective, the posters use up less paper than a regular catalogue. So pick up one, it's free!

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